X-Stage & X-Stage Lite

After 2 years of extensive research and development, X-Pole has produced a stage that meets the universal demands of dancers, gyms and clubs.  X-Stage is the most highly specified podium stage ever produced. No other stage has the functionality, portability or stability of X-Stage.

Not only that, all the key features are included as standard so there are no extras to purchase.

Once again there is only one choice of product for serious dancers - the X-Stage...!

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Here are the key features that make the X-Stage the #1 choice for dance professionals..

Pole Diameter: 50mm (2”)

Or 45mm (1.75”)

Stage Diameter: 1600mm (5’3”)

Overall Height: 3m (10’)

Stage Height: 320mm (12.5”)

Or Lite Stage Height: 101.6mm (4”)

Useable Pole: 2.65m (9’)

Or Lite: 2.95m (9’8”)

Weight (approx): X-Stage Complete: 200Lbs

(in carry cases)

Main Frame: 88Lbs

Or Lite Main Frame: 44Lbs

Stage Panels: 96Lbs (2 Sets @ 48Lbs each)

 Pole Tubes: 22Lbs

X-Stage & X-Stage Lite Specifications:

The X-Stage set is supplied with everything you need!

X-Stage assembly

takes only a few short minutes !

-Remove from the carry cases

-Expand the main frame

-Lock the stage floor sections in place

-Insert the main pole

-Tighten retaining screw

-Add the extension pole

-Tighten the screw and your ready

to dance! It really is that quick and simple......

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