X-Pole has been specifically designed for people who want to pursue the art of pole exercise and dance. It’s not a gimmicky pole to dance around, or a pole that won’t allow you to do tricks. X-Pole is a purpose built professional pole for all levels from beginner to expert and is used by top dancers all over the world.

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The Key Features of ALL X-Pole sets are:

X-Joint – (Patent Pending)

The X-Joint is a revolutionary NEW tube joint developed after 2 years of

consultation and testing with the worlds best instructors who wanted a quick,

easy to install pole with hi-stabillity/rigidity and most importantly strength.

X-Joint 100% meets those requirements and will in the future become the

industry standard for multi-piece pole assembly.

After years of fighting to do up and undo screw together joints, X-Joint

tube assembly takes seconds not minutes. It creates a stronger more rigid

joint with less pole flex and eliminates any possibility of tube to tube rotation

or joints coming undone with opposite rotation moves. Also X-Jointed pole

tubes have zero transition (no gap) between joints even when the pole is flexed.

Simple to use, the X-Joint slides into each pole tube and is quickly locked in

place with a key, making pole assembly and disassembly a dream experience.

X-Joint is now featured in all new X-Pole and Stages.

A Revolution in Pole Technology !


STATIC POLE (with X-Joints)

The XPERT is the world’s first ‘bottom loading’, static and spinning dance

pole. Designed with Professional Dancers and Pole Tricks in mind the XPERT

incorporates all the features required to meet the demands of the world’s best.

Bottom loading, no longer is a ladder needed for installation, the XPERT uses

X-Poles unique OEM adjuster system to expand and fully lock the pole in

position, whilst the dancer stays firmly on the ground. No locking nut to come


The XPERT also incorporates a special adjuster cover which when in place,

creates a totally smooth pole from top to bottom. No sharp pole edge or screw

adjuster to scrape arms and legs, no cover edges to hit, just smooth pole all the

way. It even features a Micro Base for minimum contact.

The XPERT is the Professional Dancers Ultimate Pole!!!

XPERT (XX) Key Features:

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The X-Pole Team have spent a significant amount of time researching,

designing the SPORT POLE. Developed with beginner pole dancers in mind,

while also being suitable for Professionals, the SPORT is extremely sturdy as

well being easy to install and use.

Incorporating the revolutionary new X-Joint, assembly and installation of the

SPORT very quick, enhanced even further by its bottom tightening adjuster

(bottom loading) which means no ladders are required for installation.

With features and technology far in advance of many more expensive poles the

SPORT is the perfect starting point for any newcomer to pole dancing - and its

best feature - it is great value for money as well..



                                                    SPORT (XS) Key Features:

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